Winter Festival



At school, each child makes their own lantern  and rehearses wintertime songs to sing at the festival.


Beginning at dusk, families are invited to walk through a candle lit schoolyard with their children and their lanterns.







Full Moonlight Dance
Under the full moonlight we dance,
Spirits dance, we dance
Joining hands, we dance,
Joining souls rejoice(clap, clap).

Maranoa Lullaby
Mum-ma  war-un-no,
Mur-ra  wath-un-no,
Mum-ma  war-un-no,
Mur-ra  wath-un-no,
Sleep as falls the dark,
In your bed of bark,
None shall harm you dear,
Mother watches near.

Lanterns on the Banksia Tree
Lanterns on the Banksia tree,
Glowing there so cheerfully,
Can you keep the dark away?
Lovely winter flowers.
Wattles with your tiny suns,
Underneath the spotted gums,
Warm our hearts ‘til Springtime comes,
With its sunny hours!