Literacy teaching


The Victorian Essential Learning Standards

Briar Hill Primary School is a state government school, and is mandated to teach the Australian curriculum. These standards, known in Victoria as the Victorian Curriculum F-10 Learning Standards provide a broad framework within which schools and teachers have some freedom to develop unique, high quality approaches to learning.


At Briar Hill Primary School, the teaching of literacy skills begins in Prep. The gentle rhythms of our integrated programs support children to become skilled speakers, readers and writers.


For more information, refer to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development website.


Throughout Semester 1 at Briar Hill PS the staff have been working on blending the Steiner Framework with the Victorian Curriculum F - 10. The staff have developed a draft document for each level for Speaking and Listening these documents are still a work in progress.

Draft Prep Speaking and Listening

Draft Grade 1 Speaking and Listening

Draft Grade 2 Speaking and Listening

Draft Grade 3 Speaking and Listening

Draft Grade 4 Speaking and Listening

Draft Grade 5 Speaking and Listening

Draft Grade 6 Speaking and Listening



Students in Year 3 and Year 5 at Briar Hill Primary School participate in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN).