What do we mean by 'Steiner influenced'?



Briar Hill Primary School believes that education entwines the gifts brought by the head, heart and hands.  We aspire to create an environment that supports children in their lifelong journey of self-development, discovery and growth.


In doing so, we need to acknowledge that Briar Hill Primary School is a government school.  As such, we are mandated by law (Education and Training Act, 2006) to deliver a secular curriculum that meets the expectations of the Department of Education and Training.


Additionally, our curriculum delivery must meet the expected standards of the Australian curriculum in Victoria the Victorian Curriculum F-10


We can guarantee the provision of a balanced, flexible curriculum that meets the learning needs of all children.  Indeed, that is our obligation.  However, we cannot guarantee the delivery of a Steiner curriculum, because this meets neither the strategic purpose of our school nor the government’s expectations.


Rather, the school chooses to incorporate some (but not all) elements of a Steiner delivery model that are consistent with expected best practice, and which provide diverse opportunities to enhance children’s wellbeing and academic learning.  Hence the term ‘Steiner influenced’.


Our values based curriculum follows the developmental needs of children, as they move from Foundation to Year 6, and aligns with the Victorian Curriculum F-10.  Some components of this curriculum are selected from the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework, whilst some utilise contemporary content and incorporate a broader view of curriculum, that includes all domains and dimensions of the  Victorian Curriculum F-10.